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We were outsiders.


We know how it feels to hustle tirelessly, yet struggle to get noticed. When we started in real estate, we were determined to make our mark on the industry. But it was tough. People chose agents based on their connections, not their skills, and we were getting overlooked.


Until one day when we caught the attention of a local newspaper editor who helped us get some much needed recognition. That validation was a game-changer for us. We realize that achieving such publicity is akin to winning the lottery and that it may not be attainable for most, regardless of how tirelessly they work.

And let’s be honest, awards based on sales volume don't reflect the true skills of an agent. We're shaking things up and striving to make a change on a national level. With an Estex Award you'll get recognized for your excellence and join a community of movers and shakers who share your passion and drive. Our nationwide awards program is your ticket to the top. With just one application, you can go from sitting on the sidelines to taking center stage. Get ready to turn heads!

Family Real Estate
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