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Become a member and gain access to a network of

like-minded real estate professionals who strive to

be the best.


Being a member of Estex will allow you to engage with an elite group who rally behind one another, share what works and what doesn’t, and take advantage of tools needed to succeed.


We desire a partnership with you. You’ll get valuable content and opportunities year-round.


Ready to join?



Blueprint to Success

A free copy of our “Blueprint to Success” downloadable which provides a six week plan to guide you in checking off all needed requirements to receive an Estex award if you choose to apply. [a $50 value]

Elevate With Estex

Future opportunities to meet other members online or in person to collaborate, support each other, share ideas, and grow together. [Priceless]

Marketing Mastery

We know it can be difficult to come up with creative solutions when you are busy. Members will receive an email each month that contains free, ready to use information and material. [a $125 value]

Discounted Game Plans ™

Members receive 50% off all of our downloadable Game Plans™ which contain valuable marketing tips, tricks and useable content for both online and offline use. [a $50 value]

Motivate With Estex

A motivational poster download for each month of the year to keep you focused on your goals.  [a $25 value]

Do good. Feel good.

Support Foster Love, a non-profit dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate the foster care system in America.

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