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  1. Do you have a Social Media presence (either Facebook, Instagram or TikTok) and can answer yes to the following:

    • at least 300 followers

    • a profile photo of your team or your logo

    • a visible and easy to find phone number OR messaging enabled

    • at least 20 posts in the last 30 days

    • at least 5 reviews for each licensed team member with a rating of 4.4 or higher (if you have reviews enabled)

    • at least 20 likes, shares or comments in the last 30 days

  2. At least one active or pending listing, or a listing that has closed in the last 60 days for each licensed team member

  3. At least 5 closed transactions for each licensed team member displayed on

  4. At least 5 reviews with a rating of 4 stars or higher on either or for each licensed team member

  5. Completed Broker Recommendation Form (If you are the broker, you may complete this form yourself)

  6. Quality listing photos

    • clear, not blurry

    • bright, not dark

    • basic staging done

    • key rooms photographed

    • small rooms photographed in entirety

  7. Link to 3D tour or video walk-through created for at least one listing

  8. Quality listing description

    • well written with compelling benefits/features

    • correct spelling and grammar

    • call to action included

  9. At least one social media post for one of each licensed team members listings in the last 60 days

  10. At least one example of offline/print marketing within the last 60 days

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